Welcome to SWLP Library District

Connecting Community ~ Unveiling Possibilities.

Learn more about our new District Director, Liz vonTauffkirchen here

Liz is available to help patrons with their phones, tablets, laptops, or other tech at either the Sunnyside or Fort Lewis Mesa library. Make an appointment for tech help by filling out this form

Ft. Lewis Mesa Community Library

11274 Colorado State Hwy. 140
Hesperus, Colorado, 81326

Call Chris at 970-588-3331 ext. 3802

Sunnyside Community Library

75 County Road 218
Durango, Colorado 81303

Call Sunnyside library at 970-375-3816

Curbside pickup for both libraries:
until 7pm  Monday ~ Friday

The Southwest La Plata Library District believes libraries are important because they:

  • Provide an educational, cultural and social meeting place for all ages.
  • Offer resources for preschoolers to senior citizens, homeschoolers to English language learners.
  • Supply books, audio & visual media, activities and programs for free via your library card.
  • Provide internet access available to all.
  • Maintain collections of local history and stories.
  • Build strong & positive connections within our communities.
  • Create affordable, accessible, vital community centers for our rural communities.

Our Mission

The Southwest La Plata Library District Board of Trustee’s mission is to oversee the administration and fiscal resources of the Library District.

In partnership with Durango School District 9-R, we strive for community participation to support and enrich the Sunnyside and Fort Lewis Mesa communities with educational, social, and cultural opportunities.
We bring together resources, services, and expertise to inspire our residents of all ages to read, explore, ask, and discover.
With this goal in mind, our libraries provide books and other materials for learning and enjoyment, encourage reading, supplement learning, and provide access to technology. 

Board of Trustees
PO Box 62
Marvel, CO 81329

Notices of public meetings of the SWLPLD Board of Trustees
can be found at the Official Meeting Announcements Page



Notary at Ft Lewis Mesa Library

11274 Hwy 140, Hesperus

Call 970-588-3331