Southwest La Plata Library Director’s Message

Southwest La Plata Library District is seeking an INTERIM LIBRARY DIRECTOR

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Southwest La Plata Library District is seeking
Job Description

Under the direction of the Southwest La Plata Library District Board of Trustees, the Interim Library Director will be responsible for guiding the development of the framework for core library district operations, financial practices, and policies. This position also will be responsible for assisting the Board with recruitment of a permanent, full-time Library Director.

Library Personnel

The Interim Library Director will implement Board-approved employment policies and procedures and recommend any required changes. She/he will monitor and evaluate staff performance, recommending changes when necessary. The Interim Library Director will oversee the branch managers, assisting them as they work with library substitutes and volunteers.  

The Interim Library Director will demonstrate professionalism and will be attentive to current library trends and professional library standards. She/he will attend meetings to maintain contact with other professional organizations and library-related agencies and make periodic reports to the Library Board.

Library Operations

With the assistance from the Branch Managers, the Interim Library Director will oversee library programs, including circulation, reference, children’s services, and adult services. She/he will review existing library operation practices and provide recommendations to the Library Board for consideration.

The Interim Library Director will assist the Branch Managers in maintaining a relevant collection of print and non-print materials.  

The Interim Library Director will work with the Branch Managers to maintain a welcoming, pleasant, safe environment at each branch, as well as a cooperative, courteous, and effective working relationship between staff, patrons, volunteers, community groups, and the general public.

Community Outreach

The Interim Library Director will act as a liaison between the Library Board, library employees, Durango School District 9R, community groups, and the general public, and will ensure the formative success of the library’s initial partnerships and relationships with other organizations.

Library Finances

The Interim Library Director will research and prepare an initial library operations budget, along with projected second-year budget, in consultation with the Board Treasurer. She/he will administer and monitor expenditure of library funds within budgetary guidelines, and will maintain the financial records, assisting the Board Treasurer in submitting timely reports to the Library Board, State of Colorado, Federal Government, and Auditors.  

The Interim Library Director will pursue, apply for, accept, and maintain compliance with grants identified as applicable to the initial development of the library district. She/he will oversee purchases for the branch libraries by the Branch Managers. The Interim Library Director will provide oversight and guidance to branch staff in the initial assessment of crucial first-year facility needs, including but not limited to selection of equipment and furniture.

Board Responsibilities

The Interim Library Director will collaborate and communicate regularly with the members of the board. She/he will provide professional expertise and guidance to the Board by assisting with the development of the district’s Long Range Strategic Plan, with an understanding that a permanent Library Director (to be hired) would be responsible for leading that strategic planning effort.

She/he will draft and/or recommend initial district policies for Board approval. The Interim Library Director will act as a liaison between the Library Board, the library branches, and a newly-formed Friends of the Library.

Education and Experience

Bachelor’s Degree required; related master’s degree/MLIS/MLS preferred. Five years library experience, demonstrating an increasing level of responsibility required; experience in professional library management and administrative positions preferred. Experience in budgeting, public library finance, and applicable federal and state law preferred.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Ability and strong desire to meet and serve the community needs.

Ability to work independently, organize and prioritize work, respond to varied and changing work demands and to make decisions as required. 

Ability to establish and maintain positive working relationships.

Ability to foster and maintain positive public image for the library district.

Ability to understand, develop, interpret and enact library policies, rules and procedures and to make policy recommendations to the library board.

Ability to prepare comprehensive reports and present ideas clearly and concisely in written and oral form.

Knowledge and skill in the use of computers, the internet, and library software systems.

A comprehensive knowledge of library techniques, practices, services and procedures as they apply to public library administration.

To apply please send cover letter and questions to:
Southwest La Plata Library District