#6D Passed, now the real work starts.

Formation of the Southwest La Plata Library District will ensure the continued operation of two public libraries that have existed at Fort Lewis Mesa Elementary School at Kline, Colorado since 1981 and at the Sunnyside Elementary School since 1999. 

These libraries have allowed area residents to have access to all sorts of literary and media resources, along with Internet access and community meeting places. These libraries have provided these services through a partnership of Durango School District 9R, the City of Durango Public Library and until several years ago, La Plata County. 

Without this measure, Branch library services would have ended in June of 2020, and NO PUBLIC access to the libraries and services in the two schools would have been available. 

A  Board of Trustees has been appointed comprised of local residents who will be significantly involved in the operation of the libraries. 

This will create more opportunities for programs and resources that specifically benefit area residents of all ages. These directors, being residents of the areas served by the libraries, will be accessible to receive and respond to the needs of the community, much more so than has been the case to this point. 

Special programs for senior residents, special needs, clubs, and other community groups may be accommodated. Community interests such as history, social and service clubs and organizations could be supported as well. Branch library access is also a significant benefit to home schoolers. 

As residents of rural La Plata County, we have the opportunity to better our quality of life and to ensure that residents of the Sunnyside and Fort Lewis Mesa area have access to library and media resources for the benefit of our entire community. 

These library resources and access can form the basis of a well-informed and accepting community which can also support stronger community familiarity and well-being for the benefit of everyone in the community.

Whether or not everyone uses the libraries, the Sunnyside and Fort Lewis Mesa Public Libraries benefit individuals and offer opportunities for our entire rural communities.  

1.5 mills equates to $1.50 per $1,000 of assessed value of residential property. For a residential property valued at $200,000.00, the assessed value would be about $14,400, which would result in an annual increase in taxes of $21.60, which is the price of about two pizzas or 4 or 5 cups of coffee in a year. This is a very modest cost to maintain library services for these two communities. 

Keeping the Sunnyside and Fort Lewis Mesa Public Libraries open will allow the community to continue benefiting from inexpensive facilities that are currently provided by the 9R School District. The School District has resolved to continue allowing the use of their facilities as Public Libraries when the Library District is formed.

Southwest La Plata Board of Trustees:

Roy Horvath <>,

Rebecca Benally <>,

Scott Davey <>,

Cynthia Loebig <>,

Nycole Eoff <>,

Nona Dale <>,

Peter Miesler <>.